CJBS Staff Handbook

Most of our school policies and procedures are found within the staff handbook. Please check here first if you are unsure about something. The handbook can be found on the jump drive you were given at the start of the year.

Curriculum Information

You can find your curriculum information online through the Education, Culture and Employment website. For those teachers whose curriculum is the same as Alberta (high school core subjects and CTS), many great resources can be found on the Alberta Learning website. It is worth spending some time to explore these resources as they can be very helpful.

Curriculum Mapping - this is where you can collaborate with your colleagues, access all of our curriculum, and review past long range plans for nearly every course we offer in the Tlicho region. Every teacher has an account and should be able to access not just curriculum plans but also assessments, share and collaborate with other teachers, as well as access many videos/webinars and support from Rubicon Atlas to best use this resource. 


We have a subscription for every student in our region K-9 (with options for 10-12 if you are interested), follow the links to set up your own account and add your students to your ixLmath rosters. ixLmath provides reinforcement, additional practice, and options for at home support in mathematics at all grades using the WNCP math curriculum.

Website Subscriptions

CJBS teachers have access to the following sites to help support teaching and learning. Check your email or with Crystal for login information.