Language & Culture

Heritage Fair

Each January, our school hosts its annual Heritage Fair. Students work on projects that are about heritage and culture, and present their projects to a panel of judges in the gym. This is always a big event at our school, with lots of visiting guests and parents coming to share in the students' work. Those students whose projects are chosen as the winners then go on to compete in the regional fair for the Tlicho region, and then possibly at the Territorial level. Some past project topics have included drumming, traditional clothing, fishing, Northern Lights, and traditional medicines.

Culture Camps

Culture camps generally follow the seasons. Students have the opportunity to attend fall camps, winter camps and spring camps. The camps are located in different locations depending on the time of year, and the locations traditionally used by the Tlicho people. Students learn traditional skills such as checking rabbit snares, setting fish nets and spending time in the bush learning about traditional ways and culture. Older students are given additional time at their camps, with many spending several days in the bush.

Tlicho Yati

All students from preschool to high school participate in Tlicho Yati classes to learn how to communicate in Tlicho. Teachers and students have been using the new Tlicho language flashcards to practice speaking and pronouncing skills. Many of our students participate in the annual Tlicho Language Public Speaking Contest.

Many of our students were given jump drives loaded with Tlicho Dictionaries this year, so that they will have them available when they need it.

There is a Tlicho language App available for free download online. It is available to the public to try out in the library where you can check it out on one of our ipads.